WHM HR Support Services are dedicated to ensure that each client have their own unique experience resulting in a Human resource function that forms the foundation of the organisation.

Each client’s needs are met and their expectations exceeded.
WHM HR Support Services can also provide the necessary documentation that your company requires including, employments contracts, policies, procedures and so much more.
WHM HR Support Services has undertaken to extend our client offering by outsourcing a young black African graduate to our clients and prospective clients. HR Officers are assigned to your organisation to support the current HR Manager, Operational Manager or General Manager. The HR Officer will perform all duties at grassroots level within your organisation.


Angela Bender
Angela BenderOperations Director

Angela is a highly experienced professional with 27 years of experience in the labor relations industry. She has been in a director’s position from a young age, showcasing her exceptional leadership skills and strong work ethic. Angela has a deep understanding of labor laws and regulations, and she is highly skilled in managing complex labor relations issues. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a keen ability to develop and implement effective strategies to resolve disputes and promote collaboration between management and employees. Angela is highly respected in her field and is known for her integrity, dedication, and commitment to achieving positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Chanel Geske
Chanel GeskeSNR WSP & ATR Consultant

Chanel is a seasoned professional based in Pretoria, South Africa, boasts over six years of experience as a Senior Skills Development Facilitator and Employment Equity (EE) Specialist. She is passionate about empowering individuals and teams, excelling in facilitation, administration, team leadership, human resources, and training. Her expertise extends to talent acquisition, performance management, and fostering inclusive workplace cultures. As an EE specialist, Chanel drives meaningful change by advocating for diversity and inclusion, collaborating closely with stakeholders to develop and implement EE plans. Outside of work, she prioritizes personal development, actively seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills. With a solid foundation of experience and a commitment to continuous growth, Chanel is ready to make a positive impact on any team or project she undertakes.

Willie van Graan
Willie van GraanWSP & ATR Associate

Willie Van Graan is a seasoned professional in the business compliance industry, with over 11 years of experience under his belt. Recognized for his expertise and innovative approach, Willie founded SECE with the vision of revolutionizing the industry by offering superior, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions. Throughout his career, Willie has demonstrated a deep understanding of compliance requirements, particularly in Employment Equity and Skills Development Facilitation (SDF). His wealth of experience extends to crafting Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) and Annual Training Reports (ATR), ensuring organizations meet regulatory standards while maximizing their workforce potential. Willie’s commitment to excellence and dedication to client satisfaction have earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the compliance landscape.

Mari-Louise van Rooyen
Mari-Louise van RooyenJNR WSP & ATR Consultant

Meet Mari-Louise, a dynamic professional with a diverse skill set and a passion for excellence in human resources. With her background in legal and administrative support, combined with extensive training in areas such as conflict management and advanced crime scene analysis, Mari-Louise brings a unique perspective to her role as a Junior HR Consultant at WHM. Her proficiency in various software tools, including Ghost Convey and Microsoft Office Suite, ensures she can efficiently handle any task thrown her way. Mari-Louise is committed to delivering top-notch HR solutions, leveraging her expertise to support both the company and its employees effectively. With her versatile skill set and dedication to continuous learning, Mari-Louise is poised to make a significant impact in the field of human resources.

Lucy Kapito
Lucy KapitoHR Supervisor

Lucy Kapito. With an HND in Business and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Lucy has been honing her skills since 2012. Starting her journey at WHM Group of Companies in 2019, Lucy initially worked in the WHM HR Support department before transitioning to the WHM Labour department in January 2023. Throughout her career, Lucy has gained invaluable experience in all aspects of HR.

Maggy Nnene
Maggy NneneSNR HR Officer

Maggy Nnene has more than 5 years of experience in HR and Labour Law.
She takes pride of her work
Never say no to taking additional responsibilities. She analyse and recommend solutions to human resource issues. She is developing and implementing HR policies and procedures, and overseeing HR administration.
She always help and advice employees get up to speed.

Maggy has a professional manner, confident and positive attitude. She has been with WHM for 3 years now she is currently studying her HR Diploma with WHM Academy.
She is so grateful and takes a great pride in working for WHM.

Andrew Zungu
Andrew ZunguHR Officer

Andrew, a respected HR Officer at WHM, embodies dedication and a strong work ethic. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and experience is evident in his commitment to acquiring and applying skills effectively. With a focus on honing his expertise, Andrew consistently strives to enhance his capabilities in the HR domain. His dedication to personal and professional growth makes him an asset to the team, contributing valuable insights and expertise to ensure the organization’s success.

Armand Van Biljon
Armand Van BiljonHR Officer

Armand is a dedicated professional with a passion for human resources. With four months of hands-on experience under his belt, he’s already making waves in the field. Now, he’s embarking on a journey to earn his diploma in Labour, eager to deepen his knowledge and expertise. Armand’s commitment to excellence and his drive to exceed expectations make him a valuable asset to the team. With a blend of practical experience and academic pursuit, he’s assured to make a significant impact in the world of HR and beyond.

Daniel Lepadima
Daniel LepadimaHR Officer

Meet Daniel, an integral HR Officer at WHM, renowned for his unwavering focus and dedication. He takes immense pride in being part of the WHM family, channeling his dedication into every aspect of his work. Daniel’s unwavering focus ensures that he consistently delivers exceptional results in his HR role. At WHM, he embodies our ethos of continuous learning, constantly seeking opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally. With Daniel on board, we embrace a culture of learning and excellence at WHM, continually striving for more.

Nicholas Norris Mugago
Nicholas Norris Mugago HR Officer

Nicholas Mugano started working for WHM Labour Advisors in February 2021 as an HR Officer.
He loves being able to help people fulfill their potential by hiring the right candidates and also helping them thrive in their jobs. Working for WHM in HR has allowed him to express his personality every day,
being a problem solver, a good communicator and listener.

Rosemary Makwasha
Rosemary MakwashaHR Officer

Rosemary is an exceptional HR Officer known for her unwavering dedication and punctuality. With a keen eye for talent and a strong commitment to organizational success, she ensures that the right workforce is always in place. Her meticulous approach to hiring, nurturing, and retaining top talent elevates the company’s performance and fosters a thriving work environment. Rosemary’s dedication to her role makes her an invaluable asset in shaping a talented and cohesive workforce geared towards achieving organizational excellence.



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Pretoria, 0186

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What is HR Support?2021-10-12T22:11:39+00:00

Human Resource Support’s sole purpose is to take away some of the responsibilities vying for your precious time.

For example, one of your employees has failed to show up for work, injured themselves or become engaged in a disagreement with a colleague.

Now you’re standing there in your office, balancing all the hats of a larger organisation’s executive team, wondering how on earth you are going to become the Head of Human Resources too! And to put it blunt – unless you’re an experienced HR practitioner, this is probably going to be an insurmountable task.

What are the benefits of HR Support?2021-10-12T22:15:35+00:00
  1. Allowing you to do what you love
  2. Watching Your Back
  3. Getting things right with solid employment policies
  4. Helping your staff be work ready
  5. Having those difficult conversations you dread
  6. Cost Savings
  7. Increase Employee Engagement
  8. Help with Rewarding Staff
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