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WHM Human Resource Services are dedicated to ensure that each client have their own unique experience resulting in a Human resource function that forms the foundation of the organisation.

We provide expert advice and personalised client services to ensure that each clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

WHM Human Resource Services also provide the necessary documentation that your company require from employment contracts, policies and procedures and so much more.

WHM Human Resource Support Services has undertaken to extend our client offering by outsourcing a young black African graduate to our clients and prospective clients. HR Officers are assigned to your organisation to support the current HR Manager, Operational Manager or General Manager. The HR Officer will perform all duties at grassroots level within your organisation.


  • Design and implementation of HR procedures and policies.
  • Revision of existing HR procedures and policies.
  • Revision of existing employment contracts.
  • Drafting of job descriptions and specifications.
  • UIF Registration
  • Bargaining Council registration
  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease Registration
  • Assistance in recruitment, selection, interviewing and placement of new staff.
  • Cross checking of references for new employees.
  • Origination and roll out of induction programmes based on employer requirements and specifications.
  • Establishment of a Work Skills and Employment Equity plan.


  • Organisations who pay the skills levy may claim up to 20% of their levies back in mandatory grants, if the Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) submits the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) in accordance with the prescribed requirements.
  • WHM Labour Law Advisors will provide the company with a qualified Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) that can assist the employer with the development and implementation of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) and submit these documents to the relevant SETA by the due date.


HR officers enrolled in the HR Candidate Development Programme through the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) can be assigned within your organisation to support the current HR Manager, Operational Manager or General Manager. The purpose of this programme is to develop the skills of HR graduates by allowing them to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical experience through activities related to professional practice. This is done under the guidance of a registered SABPP supervisor/mentor.

These duties include but not limited to the following:

  • General HR Support: Managing leave, attendance and grievance procedures.
  • Recruitment and Selection: Preparing job descriptions, conduct interviews, prepare employment contracts and managing induction programme.
  • Executive Management Support: Assist in obtaining objectives, implementing strategies and advising on the best practices in terms of policies and procedures.
  • Performance Management: Conducting performance reviews and ensuring adherence to performance reviews.
  • Any additional HR Services: Auditing staff files and drafting general notices when required.


WHM has broaden our scope of practice by offering psychometric assessments to our clients. Psychometric assessments will be administered by a Registered Industrial Psychologist who will also be able to provide feedback. Psychometric assessments have multiple purposes such as recruitment and selection, coaching and development and onboarding/induction for new employees as well as employees who enters another department, job or role within the organisation.

Our psychometric assessments are computer based and can be completed off site, additionally we offer pencil and paper based assessments which requires candidates to come to our offices to complete the assessments under the supervision of the Industrial Psychologist. The assessments used are scored immediately and feedback can be provided within a short period of time to our clients.

Why use psychometric assessments for recruitment and selection?

Psychometric assessment in recruitment will show an overall picture of the candidate and ensuring that the company finds a perfect fit for its unique culture, vision and values. Additionally, psychometric assessments can guide employers to see the employee’s future performance, motivation and improve retention.

Psychometric assessments that is used for the purpose of recruitment is usually used to measure employee’s abilities, motivation and personality. Thereafter it is followed by a substantive interview where employers will assess skills and experience.

We provide a variety of psychometric assessments for your recruitment and selection needs by the employers to assess prospective candidates’ ability in specific skills such as numerical, verbal and diagrammatical reasoning and also to find out about your personality traits and qualities. The importance of using personality assessments is to determine whether the candidate will fit in with the company’s culture and colleagues. Additional assessments include motivational, coaching, development and interest questionnaires.

Verbal and numerical assessments

These assessments are used to give an indication of the prospective employee’s verbal and numerical reasoning and processing the information while working with a time limit.

Personality Assessments

In terms of personality assessments, everyone has different motivational factors, values, opinions and stress management. Personality assessments gives employers an indication of working styles, interpersonal relationships, communication, and organisation skills to mention only a few.

Onboarding and Induction assessments

For most companies onboarding is only for new employees and little attention is given to job changers. Organizations use traditional programs which fails to integrate new employees and internal job changers. Employers tend to focus on the entering phase of new hires which can lead to new hires failing to improve in certain areas, poor performance, non-engagement and a high turnover. The unique onboarding program is designed especially for induction purposes to ensure that new employees can fit in with the company’s culture, ensure high performance and relationships with colleagues. Onboarding is the process of ensuring that new employees adjust smoothly into the process of employment. Furthermore, job changers are also guided through the process of entering into a new role and the responsibilities that this role may require. New employees will be monitored throughout a period of 12 months and should complete 3 assessments within the 12 months. Job changers will be monitored on a period of 6 months and should complete 2 assessments.

Benefits of Onboarding and Induction assessments

Onboarding can have multiple benefits when the right process is followed. The benefits that onboarding programs can include:

  • Performance improvement when employees know their expectations and responsibilities,by ensuring that there is no job ambiguity.
  • Increased retention which means that employees are more satisfied with the company and the opportunities that the company have for their growth.
  • Stress reduce when the employees now and understands their expectations and have a clear vision of the company’s values.
  • Employee satisfaction with increase by providing information about goals, job duties and personal growth opportunities to the employee.
  • Decreasing the risk for Burnout among new employees and ensure that their well-being is sought after.
  • Ensuring that the employee fit within the company’s culture, language and job fit.


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