What is HR Management

Human Resources plan, direct, coordinate and administrate organisational functions. The HRM seeks to address and manage all employees to work together towards the organisational goal. They work together to provide skills development in the business. They motivate and create loyalty of all employees. Highly motivated and skilled workers that creates a great working environment can be seen as more productive employees. HRM oversees a wide variety of functions within an organisation which include but not limited to recruitment, talent management, HR strategies, team and organisational effectiveness, documentation etc.

In most cases if conflict in the work place are not dealt with in a correct manner, it will lead to high settlements and will affect the business negatively. HRM helps the business to follow proper procedures when dealing with disciplinary enquiries and legal concerns. HRM helps the organisation to draw up a guide line for employees as a norm of what is acceptable and what not.

Why is HRM important for organisations?

HRM ensures that the wellbeing of employees are taken into consideration and they also promote great results in the business. HRM’s direct and maintain proper steps to be followed in order to ensure that employee satisfaction is achieved and that employee satisfaction is managed. HRM improves productivity within an organisation. They are the key stakeholders who is responsible for focusing on managing policies and procedures within the organisation. They also deal with recruiting, employee relations, skills development, benefits and compensations.

WHM HR Support Services provide employers and organisations with assistance in hr related documentation or by placing and supporting a HR Officer at your premises.